All pieces are available as prints and are priced according to size. Please inquire to purchase the original.

Tornadoland,  Acrylic, Wood, Ash, and Alabama Dirt on board. 50x34"

Jenna Camilleon Pt. II, Photograph of Acrylic on Fabric and Skin

Jenna Camilleon pt. 3, Photograph of Acrylic paint on Fabric and Skin.

Jenna Camilleon Pt. 1, Photograph of Acrylic on Fabric and Skin

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Kissed by Klimt, Collage, 8.5x11" 

Typewriter Galatea, Ink, Typewriter type, thread, and notebook paper on paper. 50x65"

Old School El Anatsui, Italian Renaissance Slides and Metal Rings